RIANOV Cant/Slope Indicator


  • All Aluminum Housing
  • Digital Slope Indicator - Slope can be displayed as Cosine Correction Factor or Degrees
  • Digital Cant Indicator displayed in Degrees
  • Auto-Off functionality
  • Variable Timer (15-90 seconds)
  • Variable brightness
  • Weapon mounted (right or left side)
  • Light weight
  • Long battery life (>20,000 operations)
  • US$275.00 for International orders

CSI Operator's Manual.pdf


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The RIANOV CSI (Cant/Slope Indicator) for long-range precision shooters. Cant and Slope are two very important variables in making accurate shots. The RIANOV CSI will replace both your Cant and Slope bubble levels with a state of the art digital unit capable of measuring Cant and Slope to a 10th of a degree. Digital read out eliminates the need for guessing or estimating on the actual value. The Slope feature can be displayed as either Degrees or Cosine Correction Factor.